About Harsh Marine, Our Vision

Marine Engineering & Technology, coupled with support of world renowned manufactures has given best result to the general & shipping Industry.

Company Profile

We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of Used Marine Machinery, Equipment & Spares based at Alang - the largest ship breaking site in the world.

Marine Engineering & Technology, coupled with support of world renowned manufactures has given best result to the general & shipping Industry. Application of the main engines, power generators, compressors, RO plants, turbo-chargers and other components extracted from ship breaking has given optimum performance with minimum maintenance & overheads.

Best of Pielstick, Man, Sulzer, B & W, Caterpillar, General Motors, General Electric, Cummins, SKL, Yanmar, Detroit Diesel is available in excellent working condition & reasonable price from us. Being one of our partner is a ship breaker too, has given us the edge to apply safe & secure methods to extract the complete machinery / fittings and offer it at the best price.

We at Alang are privileged to be the only supplier to have State-of-the-Art Workshop equipped with skilled taskforce to recondition / overhaul the extracted machinery and back-up of well-maintained library of manuals & performance test facilities. Complete range of spares & reasonable working knowledge has empowered us to provide the machinery / engines with performance at par with original equipment & confidence to the end-user.

If need be, we can provide certification from classified / third party inspection bureau.

We will be pleased to offer you economic solution to today's requirement of rationalization of project / maintenance cost and supply of items described above.

Soliciting your valuable inquiry for any type & make of marine machinery, equipment, engineering items / spares and an serve you better.


Technical Excellence & Committed to Service

Our Goals:

Safety: Our first priority is the safe operation of the vessels we manage, with no injuries, loss of life, damage to property or the environment.

Human resources: To be the employer of choice for highly competent seafarers and shore-based personnel.

Customer satisfaction: To meet and exceed our customer's expectations.

Services: To provide high quality, value-added services that fully meet our customers' needs.

Financial: To continuously improve our results in a sustainable manner.

Our Values:

Independence: Family owned and private, with a financially sound position.

Fairness: Treating business partners and employees with fairness, keeping commitments, and thereby maintaining the good reputation of the Harsh Marine.

Entrepreneurship: Encouraging initiative and innovation, systematically managing risks, encouraging team work and unbureaucratic business processes.

Responsibility: Ensuring safety at sea, protecting the environment, and being socially responsible.

Our people are essential: Rewarding good performance and results, taking pride in the Schulte Group's cultural diversity, providing opportunities for continuous learning and development.